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This sentence is a dummy and the number of words is about 300 characters. It is included to check the size of characters, the amount of characters, the space between characters, etc. Design are, that is, design is understood to be the construction of a concept of thought in order to solve a certain problem and to express it according to various media. In Japan, it is translated as a design, etc., and simply by decorating the surface. There was a social tendency that it was understood as an act that looks beautiful, but recently the meaning of the word is being widely understood and recognized. Career design related to employment, including searching for the planning and action guidelines for those that do not appear in the form. Life design etc. corresponds to thisャリアデザイン、生活デザイン等がこれにあたる。

about shipping cost

Nationwide uniform 0 yen円
This sentence is a dummy. All products are displayed as free shipping because our shop sells at a price including shipping.ます。
There is no additional shipping fee even in some remote island areasん。

About payment

・ Credit ・ Bank transfer ・ Convenience store payment ・ Postpaid payment ・ Apple Pay

About delivery

This sentence is a dummy. At our shop, we use the direct production method, and since it is delivered directly from the producer, you cannot specify the date and time. Unless otherwise stated, the delivery time is usually 4 to 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after confirmation of payment (order). Depending on the product, it may take several days to deliver. Please note.


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